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our work

  1. Ski Fever and Snowboard Show
  2. Chef Fresh
  3. iHeart Movies under the stars
  4. oscon
  5. iHeart Movies under the stars
  6. The Portland Marathon
  7. Ulife
  8. Living Social
  9. iHeart Impact- Rebuilding Together Work Day
  10. Masquerade Ball
  11. Portland Luxury RV and Boat Storage D.B.A. as Premier Vehicle Storage
  12. iHeart Dodgeball
  13. Kentucky Derby
  14. Soccer Tourney

Chef Fresh

Grand Opening Project

iHeart created a campaign that included a street team of brand ambassadors, viral media pushes, video production, dj and Portland Timbers Celebrity appearances. view photos and video footage taken at the event

Recess is Back!

Epic Dodgeball Tourney

iHeart created a plug and play fundraiser event template that can be bought. In this example, we spotlighted Rebuilding Together Portland, a non-proft organization committed to bettering the lives of the elderly, physically and mentally challenged, and our veterans, by doing home makeovers and improvements, at absolutely no cost to the deserving homeowner… [read more]

Kentucky Derby Image

Kentucky Derby

The Dapper Cap Soiree

iHeart Productions was hired on by Dapper Cap to put on an event that would drive business to their hat shop as well as to create a thank you event for their existing customer base. iHeart came up with a concert that married the use of hats with the time honored Kentucky Derby, and a dress to the nines soiree that showcased a local restaurant. iHeart was the first company to pull a permit to… [read more]

Movies Under the Stars Image

Movies Under The Stars

Movies Under the Stars

Standard Insurance and Smart Park

The goal of this project was to work with local businesses and create for them a family friendly event that took a spin on a "drive up". We procured at the top floor of a parking garage, worked with local businesses to showcase their food for donations, and presented on the big screen a local director who was going to feature their movie at… [read more]

Rebuilding Together Portland Image

Rebuilding Together Portland

Volunteer Day

A group of iHeart friends came out to improve the life of a Veteran homeowner by doing a home makeover at no cost to them at all. In a matter of 6 hours, a total of 35 volunteers throughout the day, swept in and completed the home. iHeart teamed up with Rebuilding Together and Aging Services to impact the lives of the homeowner dramatically.

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