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Creative Campaign Development and Management- concept to completion campaigns customized for dynamic viewership or consumer engagement experiences:

  1. Innovate and activate a campaign that expresses your brand's unique personality, purpose and values to your intended consumer
  2. Define your brand's appeal allowing your consumer to be more dependent and understanding of your product or service
  3. Create a campaign that fosters an emotional bond to the brand or message through photography, video, street campaigns, ninja marketing, and special events
  4. Create or enhance a culture of cool or approachability to the consumer opening up avenues for brand loyalty and similarity identification
  5. Develop out static (commercial or editorial advertisements) or viral and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc) campaigns that are engaging and effective to the consumer that leave an impression
  6. Target market identification and application of appropriate type of campaign to execute effectively
  7. Demographic discovery strategies- finding new ways to approach and interact with a needed or newly identified demographic
  8. Polling and consumer research services
  9. Research and Development of competition or community comparisons
  10. Quality assurance campaigns or investigative edge research
  11. Simplifying your brand's mission or focuses to make more attractive to consumer
  12. Content development or enhancement- ensuring there is a unified and concise message delivered through all your communication modes (social media, video, photography campaigns)
  13. Developing appropriate and strengthened business partnerships and channels to ensure your brand is effectively seen and felt by your desired demographic and industry as a whole
  14. All of these main factors in creating, repping, managing, protecting, and enhancing your brand is done through the following verticals:

  15. Web Development and Design
  16. Video Production for viral and website content
  17. Street Campaigns that target desired demographics
  18. Roving Campaign Units- inventory of dynamic and unique consumer engagement vehicles
  19. Photography, photo shoots, test shoots, and enhanced imagery for advertisement, viral, and web content

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