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ULife, a young and blossoming technology accessory company who sells technology accessory products with the University of Oregon (U of O) and Oregon State University (OSU) trademarked logo. ULife was inspired by the needs of the students and created products that were not only fashionable but functional- all while supporting the students' school pride. Whether it be a an iPhone case or a bamboo keyboard and mouse set- ULIfe has you covered in fashionable school pride.

The Need:

Since the business started on campus, all the marketing efforts have remained there. ULife needed a campaign that would break into the city of Portland and hit demographics that went to the Oregon colleges and wanted to show their school pride. ULife also needed to bring their brand a little more current and urban focused as well as they wanted to branch out and get into t-shirts and swag.

The Solution:

iHeart created an event with an annual focus, that would take the two trademarks for their product lines and place them appropriately against each other. Since the Civil War was coming right up, iHeart took the excitement and momentum of that game and created the "Not-so Civil War" a flag football and viewing party. iHeart teamed up with Black Star Beer and Blitz 21 ( a local bar that just opened their doors) and made a VIP viewing experience for all participants and special guest invites to attend after the flag football game- shuttled over by our entertainment bus- The Joy Ride.

The Result:

A full sided action packed flag football game, complete with DJ Don't Stop dropping beats for the game, over 75 people attend the VIP viewing party, swag and prizes were given out to everyone at Blitz 21, complimentary food and drinks were given to VIP member area, and the name recognition of ULIfe was smattered appropriately everywhere inside and outside of the venue.

Additionally, iHeart created a lifestyle campaign for ULIfe that would bring swag that is current and and cool to the streets. iHeart created t-shirt lines that were worn for the flag football game as a uniform, and a line that well is a leisure wear that had an urban themed feel to it. Both lines are available for purchase as well as as a whole new set of "street wear" and swag is currently in production.






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