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With the iHeart ninjas in your corner, you know you have a clan of passionate, creative, and loyal staff working with you. So go ahead, stick your chest out and walk down that hallway with no fear of getting stuffed into the locker- people tend not to mess with a group of rad ninjas with retractable bo staffs.

portrait of Luis


President, Founder

Luis is the consulting, creative director and brand management focus of the company. Your brand will first go through Luis to have a concept built that is primed with strategy and brand strengthening elements that gets packaged and sent to the production lab for implementation. Luis oversees the overall operations, account management, client relations, and the Impact division of the company.
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/*\black belt

portrait of angela


Operations Manager/
Executive Assistant to the President

Angela is what keeps the iHeart team as a well-oiled machine. On the administrative side, she is lethal with her attention to detail, timeliness, and her attendance to keeping our clients in the know and us on the go. We kid you not when we say that Angela has been a ninja at heart from the day one as she walked into the job interview, as a, drum roll please... ninja. This was not the best thing to do at a 7p job interview in the middle of China Town in the dead of winter, but she did with confidence and panache and it won the heart of the Owner over. Her awesome attitude and unfailing commitment to making sure all is well in the Dojo, speaks to the culture of all of the iHeart ninjas.

Angela manages the accounts, meetings, travel plans, budgets and overall logistics for the company and does it with a smile but also a bark if need. While managing the overall operations of the company, Angela also manages to keep the owner well aware of important things like his mom's birthday.

/*\purple belt

portrait of nicole


Creative Engineer and Client Concierge

When we’re stumped, we needn’t look any further for answers than this logistical lady. She keeps our enthusiastic and hasty whims in check by investigating the proper ways to go about things, and then jumps on the bandwagon to bring them to life - lawfully. She is efficient and exhaustive with her research, exacting accuracy and validity to our client's campaigns. As a Project Manager, Nicole will find for us and bring to the table pertinent and necessary marketing elements that is powerful information and will enhance our client's campaigns greatly.

She is resourceful and looks after our client's budget like it was her own, and while Nicole loves to shop, she loves just as much to save money. She is part investigator, do it your selfer, part "it doesn't hurt to ask", and all follow through. She lights the room up when she enters- she is electrifying and approachable. She is clean with her cut and if the smallest of detail needs to be attacked- Lord have mercy.

Most recently, Nicole saved a school full of children from their engulfed in flames building, all while on her lunch break and then came back to the dojo and answered all the emails that she missed.

Just another day...

/*\purple belt

portrait of ian


Cultural Engineer

After the concept phase, Ian takes over and is the reason why our signature iHeart Production products are what they are. Ian is passionate and dedicated. He will stop at nothing to ensure that what you dreamt up is what is presented before you at the end of the day. Ian cares deeply for our client's happiness and looks at each campaign as an investment of everything he has.

Ian is the force behind the successful implementation of our projects because of his effective organizational skills, ability to act and react under pressure, and strong management skills. Ian oversees all event planning and management of our company, as well as constantly thinking up new events for iHeart to put their stamp on.

Fact. Ian is cool.

/*\red belt

portrait of Jessica


Creative Director

Jessica likes to get her hands into everything, but we call her a brand management ninja with a killer copywriting kick- we nick name her the "Cure All". She takes our outrageous concepts and articulates them concisely for the masses.

Further, she contributes to the brainstorming and hands-on implementation of our interactive campaigns, getting her hands dirty to ensure on-point creative output. She is as rock star as they get, but one of the most awesome people professionally and personally you will have the pleasure to meet.

/*\red belt

portrait of kendall


Visual Editor

What to do, what to do. We have copious amounts of imagery and footage from all the parties that we have rocked and the campaigns that we have crushed. With all this footage, we needed an editing ninja who could take this inventory and turn it into snappy snippets that let you in on all the fun we had.

Kendal is our silent ninja in the dojo, he quietly works away and sometimes we forget he is even there- until he presents to us out of nowhere with his finished product which is the equivalent to a flying judo kick to the jaw. Also, Ken just learned how to use the numchucks as his "hobby".

/*\blue belt

portrait of Phil


Creative Arts Engineer

Phil is Snake Eyes and Robocop combined. When you need some cutting-edge digital deployment, he's the technological terror with a kung fu grip. Take a look at his website.

/*\blue belt

portrait of Megan


Experience Architect

La Dee Da Dee, Megan likes to party- it is evident in the passion and "What Would Megan Like" event model that she always functions under. The "WWML" campaign management approach is simple- create something that involves dynamic elements like music, visuals, swag, prizes, and food that will draw people in, captivate, and foster brand loyalty.

She is stylish, savvy, and her smile will make the meanest Mongolian Warrior drop their weapon and bring it in for a bear hug. Megan is experienced in event management, campaign development, and highly effective in scaling a wall with no one seeing her. Those skills combined are lethal when creating a one-inch punch kapow-like campaign.

/*\yellow belt

portrait of Hussein


Production and Creative Arts Manager

Hussein lives, breathes, and eats creative development. This young gun brings a massive set of resources and skills to the iHeart family. He is dedicated and stops at nothing to ensure that his work is a true reflection of our client's brand. As a Production Manager, we are calmed by knowing whatever your needs may be, it is in the masterful hands of Hussein. With his speedy but precise and high quality work with attention to detail, this is what makes Hussein our go to ninja on the team when it comes to graphic design work that will eventually go onto all our in-house production elements. Need short run to long run quality t-shirts designed and printed- done son. Need banners to scream your message or large scale printing? Ask and you shall receive. Vinyl, stickers, and other cool little advertising elements- check it off your list. This ambitious and deadly accurate creative ninja is emblematic of why iHeart Productions shines as much as we do. Check out the massive moves outside of iHeart that Hussein is kicking up dust with: http://almaic.com

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