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Brand Ambassadors for Rack Attack at the Portland International Auto Show:

The Need:

Our friends at Rack Attack, your first choice in vehicle rack storage solutions, is a major presenter at the Portland Auto Show and looked to iHeart Productions to come up with a way to get people to their pretty amazing experience based showcase area of the show. However, even for how large the showcase was, it was in a wing that was not easily accessible to the masses.

Due to this, iHeart was given the task of creating a directional campaign that got people excited and also educated on how to get to this area. Once in the area, it was the job of iHeart as well to get people to see the racks in functional positions and experience up close how they look on various vehicles.

The Solution:

iHeart walked the grounds to see just how difficult it could be to the average event goer to find the showcase. What Rack Attack needed were informative, approachable, friendly, and easy on the eyes brand ambassadors, that were excited about the product enough to get people excited about making their way to the showcase. iHeart Productions selected brand ambassador models to do just that and all with smiles and a genuine disposition to make all the different demographics comfortable. iHeart studied the demographics for the event and selected the talent based off of what the overall demographic was for the International Auto Show and more importantly, what the demographic was for Rack Attack. By doing so, we would have brand ambassadors that would direct people to where they would need to go and pass along information and coupons related to Rack Attack.

The Result:

iHeart Productions' plan worked swimmingly. The brand ambassadors were able to direct people to the showcase area with ease. They were dressed appropriately in Rack Attack branded shirts that fit the look and feel of Rack Attack perfectly, and surely wasn't over the top with the effort of letting skin sell the product. This tasteful campaign brought an unexpected amount more to the Rack Attack showcase and the coupons that were in the hands of the event goers, were proof that they were greeted by the brand ambassadors.

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