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Premier Vehicle Storage

Premier Vehicle Storage

Portland Luxury RV and Boat Storage started with just one warehouse housing a handful of vehicles and now, morphing into a newer and more dominant brand of Premier Vehicle Storage (PVS), they have quickly risen to be the industry standard in vehicle storage and car care services. With over 160,000 combined square feet of affordable heated and secured storage in both Clackamas and Tualatin, you can rest assured that your car, RV, or boat is completely looked after with the highest level of care.

The Need:

Owner Jimmy Bruce was contemplating making a very aggressive and ambitious move to acquire a the client base of now defunct but at one time- the largest vehicle storage facility in Oregon, and bring them over to a larger and more desirable new facility in addition to his one in Taulatin. In order to do that, Jimmy turned to iHeart Productions to ensure that every angle of this building procurement, client acquisition, marketing efforts, and brand management of the new company were attended to. A whole campaign and brand launch would need to be created that would include key marketing elements such as a new website, photo and video ad campaigns, logo and branding development.

The Solution:

iHeart took this project on and immediately got to work on making a formal presentation to what would eventually be his Operations Manager (former operations of the defunct storage building), to drafting letters to his realtors and building owners for his larger and more enticing building, iHeart took care of these needs in a very short and demanding timeline. Then there was the need for convincing the in-limbo vehicle owners of the soon-to be defunct storage facility, that PVS is the no-brainer when it comes to where they should store their vehicles. Creating a trust and emotions filled campaign for PVS, iHeart copy edited and wrote a formal letter to the said vehicle owners, that PVS is the trusted and secure choice for their storage solutions.

The Result:

iHeart is currently in the final phases of developing their brand management campaign that will showcase their new logo, enhanced website, and branding elements such as signage, collateral, and newsletters to clients.

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