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"Congregate" Special Events: Event Production/Management- iHeart thrives in consulting and elevating campaigns on the following production elements:

  1. Thematic/creative direction
  2. Logistics, budget planning and leaning
  3. Event flow
  4. Revenue avenues
  5. Contracts, venue procurement
  6. On-site event management
  7. Permit procurement- red tape handling
  8. Marketing and promoting of event
  9. Staffing

  10. Door persons
  11. Security personnel (DPSD Certified)
  12. Crowd Management
  13. Event Planners
  14. Event Managers
  15. Bartenders
  16. Caterers/ Private Chefs
  17. DJs, Karaoke DJs
  18. Master of Ceremonies
  19. Volunteers
  20. Sound and Lighting Technicians