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iHeart impact

iHeart impact

Portland and beyond has given iHeart some amazing experiences and blessings, so much so, that iHeart is committed to giving back to the community and our world. There is so much need locally and internationally, that iHeart has a desire to provide awareness, education, and action of the many great causes, through events, fundraisers, and social media postings. iHeart team embers works closely with organizations such as:

  1. Rebuilding Together Portland
  2. SMART
  3. Art from the Heart
  4. The Special Olympics
  5. Make a Wish Foundation
  6. Falling Whistles
  7. Passback

While the iHeart family knows we can not change the world, we sure are going to try to change ours. We give of our consulting hours to non-profits, startups, and struggling businesses, as well as give of our time to various local efforts in the way of volunteer hours.

Want a plug and play fundraiser developed for your organization? Take a look at an example of an event that is complete with advertising, collateral, video and social media capabilities- all that it is missing is your organization to be the benefactor.

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