You are rad. We are rad. Let's be friends.
iHeart Productions - You Are Rad. We Are Rad. Let's be friends.
brand management, ninja marketing.


who we are

In super easy and hip terms- we are branding and event ninjas ready to flying dragon punch ineffective or off-target campaigns and double flip roundhouse kick any boring events or campaigns that wont leave a mark.

Yes, we are serious. No, we physically can't do a double flip roundhouse, so please do not ask.

what we do

We are cultural engineers, architecting and building campaigns that are effective, dynamic, engaging, and longevity based. We dream up the message, get excited about it, and our ninjas attack it with fury. The result? A campaign that separates you from your competition, placing you as now the industry leader at the top of the mountain. Hope you aren't scared of heights.

ninja missions

  1. To create dynamic and effective branding campaigns that engage the consumer
  2. To impact the consumer with creative campaigns that draw prolonged and memorable focus to your brand
  3. To customize campaigns that fit your style, culture, budget, timeline, and location needs
  4. To collaborate- not take over (unless you want us to)- we will be creative geniuses together
  5. To focus on visual appeal and attractive draw factors to enhance bran exposure
  6. To walk the walk, back up what we say, always have your back, and flex when we need to
  7. To elevate your brand culture through "lifestyle campaigns" which translates into brand loyalty
  8. To always be innovating, so we can always be activating, so your brand can always be elevated

Whatever the mission- iHeart Productions is trained, equipped, and loyal to the challenge.

It's what gets us out of bed and rushing to put on our cool ninja outfit and even cooler ninja weapons. We are a pretty rad group of cool folks that know what is hot, now, and coming up. We love cutting edge stuff, food, fashion, eats, and beats, and we try to incorporate as much of them as we can within our campaigns.

how we do it

From concept to completion, from planning to management, from consult to launch day, from cause to a cure, all elements of the creative development and strategic marketing process is used to attain successful outcomes for our clients in the progression of their brand and/or event. All this while providing the right type of attendance with an unforgettable experience for all those involved.

We love what we do, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. Our passion is matched by our experience. Every member of our team cares deeply about enhancing your brand, and bring their own little flair to the table. Who knew that development could be so cool?

benefits of working with iHeart

You are not just hiring a firm out of New York that isn't loyal to the rose like we are. You are hiring a clan of fresh thinking, out of the dojo and into the streets strategists, who care deeply for their city and all who want to make it a better place. You dream it, our team will make it a reality. We have many ninjas in our network, making it even easier to meet our goal of making your brand succeed (and total world domination).

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