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Urban Iditarod

The Need:

The Urban Iditarod is a Portland event icon- if you are rad, have rad friends, have access to a shopping cart, like drinking, then you need to be doing the Urban Iditarod. As awesome as this production is, the event needed an extra punch to the junk with excitement and a don't stop the party feel to it. The event needed a start point that would get the crowd of over 700 fired up as sort of a pre-funk.

Then, after the epic chore of just finishing standing up and not all piled into the shopping cart due to the yummy beer options on the course, all the participants needed a finish line worthy of their pursuits. With no start and finish line entertainment or event element, The Urban Iditarod made a pretty fresh choice to liven and enhance an event that is a challenge in of itself to make even better- but oh boy did we ever…

The Solution:

iHeart Productions brought out the entertainment tank called the Joy Ride to provide a stage, sound system, platform for the MC, photographers, media, and for the DJ. iHeart created a reason and reward for people to stick around after the race and enjoy more of party finish line atmosphere that celebrated in a large group, a feat that some would say is downright crazy. This also served purpose for creating a larger buzz virally as participants Facebooked and Twittered their friends to join them at this epic street jam.

The Result:

With our retro school bus we lovingly refer to as the Joy Ride, we came out in full force with a sound system that had the people on the other side of the river wanting to know who is throwing such a great party. We MC'd the finish line with every participant team that passed through we had commentary as well as motivational quips that added laughs and enjoyment to the party. We gave away Vitamin Water like it was candy and quenched the thirst of all of those needing some real hydration solutions other than beer. In addition, because we served as the stage for the MC and the DJ, we also made event announcements, served as the public address for lost pets, people, wallets, cell phones, and spandex. Because we were the main attraction, it was the perfect place for the Event Producer to give away prizes and official announcements.

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