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SOL Republic Steve Aoki Brand Awareness Mixer

The Need:

SOL Republic is a very quick rising headphone company that is growing at such a national and international rate, that their own headquarters and brand market based in Wilsonville Oregon was being overlooked. How can a home-grown company that is so successful still manage brand presence and impact in their own backyard? Who could SOL look to so the vibrant music, dance, and fashion scene all knew just how amazing SOL really is? How can such a suburban based company really hit hard the key demographics, capitalize on current and upcoming trends, and let PDX know just how cool these headphones are?

As a virtually unknown brand in their own hometown, SOL needed true saviors of sound to come in and with precision and ninja-like strategies, create a ka-pow like campaign that will create a true urban soundtrack.

The Solution:

iHeart Productions surveyed the drab but functional working warehouse. A creative team was assembled of local graffiti artists and urban designers who made it a point to take any blank space "canvas" and own it as their own. Through thorough dialogue with the corporate team at SOL, iHeart was given creative control to place their take and interpretations on what Soundtrack Of Life means to them.

As part of the creative process, all artists were given a set of SOL headphones and were to play what inspires, moves, and allows them to express themselves, all while letting the spray cans do the talking. And it did…

The Result:

Enter iHeart Productions and their clan of brand managing and creative ninjas. iHeart came up with a sensory overload (in a good way) VIP experience of the who's who of Portland in the music, dance, DJ, entertainment, fashion, and sports industry. Combine that with our capitalizing on market segments, verticals, and key demographics that were being overlooked, iHeart dropped some major knowledge on their consumers with a giant party still the talk of the town.

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