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Mobile Campaign Unit

Rebuilding Together Portland

Roving Campaign and Retail Vehicles-

-An inventory of 4 unique and effective vehicles equipped differently for different uses. Each vehicle carries a dynamic marketing element that turns heads and increases brand exposure through interactive and engaging design and marketing features. Equipped with a Brand Ambassador or Retail Specialist team, the vehicle becomes a powerful consumer engagement tool that sells the culture and the actual product effectively.

The benefits to having a RCU in your marketing arsenal:

-These vehicles are made to be gawked at, approached and are made to be seen every time their wheels turn or the vehicle is parked during an activation

-All vehicles come with a DJ platform to draw crowds and party goers

-Some vehicles come equipped with an enhanced sound system and the others with simple plug and play abilities

-All vehicles have a step-in and out retail experiences complete with racking, display cases, signage, mannequins etc. for a truly mobile retail store

-Some of the vehicles are equipped with ample product storage or ample room for transporting people or brand teams

-All vehicles have the option for complete and cingular branding or shared branding real estate -All vehicles can be customized on the exterior and interior to fit to the "t" the branding ethos, culture, and look of the brand

-The leasing options on the vehicles can start as month to month or be leased on a quarterly or yearly basis